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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘    要


关键词:信息安全;密钥; DES;加密;解密;VC++6.0


    The information technology rapid development, caused peoples life appearance to have the very big change, simultaneously the information technology also promoted societys development. In the computer network thorough popularization information time, information itself is the time, is the wealth. How protects the information the security to cause it not to steal and as for not to tamper with or the destruction, has become the major issue which now generally pays attention. The password is the extremely useful one kind of labor
    This article mainly introduces the DES encryption and the decipher algorithm C language realization, Decipher principle three aspects elaborated from key fresh room DES、 the encryption principle DES、 the DES algorithm entire has worked. And in this foundation, In windows environment, realizes the DES encryption and the decipher using standard VC++6.0 calculates, Completes a local document by the window contact surface way to add the decipher demonstration.
   The present paper altogether divides into seven to blow, First chapter promulgates the cryptology from the modern electronic technology development to be important in the scientific domain, Thus explained chooses this topic to take the graduation project originally. Second chapter narrated the cryptology elementary knowledge, Third is this article key point, Take narrates the DES history as the beginning, A explanation DES algorithm original hollow piece of jade, Meanwhile how to make the encrypts key、 encrypts the DES decipher take key、 fresh room DES as the line, Realizes the DES encryption and the decipher code using the C++ language supposes discusses. Fourth chapter makes the simple introduction to the window contact surface, Explane how the ming dynasty printed books demonstration should use. Fifth chapter carries on the analysis to the DES existence security simultaneously to separate out the feasible solution, Sixth chapter carries on the brief introduction to the DES working pattern, Introduced with emphasis this article adopts ECB pattern. Seventh chapter gives an example to carry on the test to the code, Confirms whether conforms to the standard DES encryption to reconcile Laos.

KeyWords:Information security; Key; DES; Encryption; Decipher; VC++6.0.

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