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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿



关键词:0售店选址;系统分析;AHP;  竞争战略。


Abstract: This thesis utilizes the classical method of systematic analysis to the domain of retail sales, and unifies with the front theory and the analysis method of this domain to attain new analysis ideas and frame. Based on the objective data material and taking the related theory of systematic analysis as the tool, this thesis launches analysis to the issue of supermarket’s selecting location. This thesis uses the preliminary analysis to illustrate the method and procedure of supermarket’s locating with great emphasis and it carries on two turns of preliminary screening to select several outstanding plans, combined with the analysis on the desire and the inside and outside environment of enterprise. Then establish the AHP and solve selecting the forget city and shop site .Finally setting up a development  strategy which is based on characteristics of  the shop site  and the business circle for company `s  SBV  level .The AHP is  a kind of application and  generalization base on the model of selecting shop location which was  adopted  by  the HuaRunWanJia supermarket .And it also  has  certain  practical value and guiding sense .
Keywords: retail shop selected location; systematic analysis; AHP;  competition strategy.

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