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时间:2017-10-10 英语毕业论文 我要投稿

  【Abstract】With the development of the virtual world of Internet, network language comes into being. As a new style of English language, network English has many distinguishing features of its own. This paper mainly studies the word-formation methods and some semantic characteristics of network English. Some translation methods of network English are proposed according to the different features.
  【Key words】network English;word-formation; translation
  With the development of computer technology, Internet is more and more widely spread. The convenience of communication and exchange from Internet is well acknowledged among many people. In real time communication of network, English is doubtless the main aid for communication no matter by e-mails or chat room conversation. Thus network English comes in to being. “Standard Internet English are commonly used words in e-mail, Discussion Groups, Chat Rooms, WWW Pages and everywhere on the net.” “Internet language includes those of technical terms, hacker slang and acronyms related with Internet.” “The use of English language in the cyber space is changing at a confounding pace.” (https://www.Netdictioary. com On Internet, Yahoo)
  And also with the popularity of Internet, English thereupon develops and changes as main language in Internet. Network English has a new vocabulary which either describes the new things, or the newly formed abbreviation for easy inputting, or the common symbolic language of the world. The network will bring new ideas and things to people every day and the new vocabulary produced by it is increased progressively at the paces of 500 words every year. However, the dictionaries compiled by experts are far behind the emerging of the new network English. Therefore, it is greatly necessary for us to analyze the word-formation methods, characteristics and translation of network English, hoping to be helpful to many Internet users.
  1 The word-formation of network English
  Generally speaking, the word-formation of network English follows the methods and principles of word-formation of standard English, however, it has formed some unique characteristics at the same time, which gradually become the major trend in the development of network English. The new words in network English have inherited some traditional word-formation methods, such as compounding, derivation, abbreviation and so on. But some nonce words have also come into being, which have been created in particular circumstances, quickly accepted by people and incorporated in modern English. The word-formation methods of network English will be introduced in the following parts respectively.

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