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时间:2017-11-05 英语毕业论文 我要投稿

  [关键词]词组堆迭句 英汉对比 英汉翻译
  Translation bridges two languagesand contrastive studies are involved inevitably in this performance.It can be said that translation is a process of comparison between the source language and the target language,followed by an elaborate reconstruction of word orders and meanings while trying to maintain the equivalent effects on readers.It's of great importance and necessity to translate in accordance with the characteristics of the receptor language.
  Here emphasis will be placed on phrase-sentence relationship.Chinese is a non-inflected language and phrases are constructed into sentences through an orderly arrangement of meaning and logic,while English is a synthetic-analytic language and phrases must go through certain change of forms and abide by certain syntactic rules.In short,the phrase-sentence relation in Chinese is that of realization,instead of composition in English language.This thesis focuses on one type of Chinese sentences——paratactic phrause multipler and intends to explore its beauty and application in English-Chinese translation.
 、.Paratactic Phrause Multipler
  Phrause is a clause containing one and only one phrase.In Chinese a phrase can function as a sentence simply by adding certain intonation.Here phrases refer mainly to four-word ones,including the typical subject-predicate structure clauses.
  Example 1:There are white clouds in the sky and the sun is shining.白云朵朵,阳光灿烂。
  Paratactic phrause multipler is a multiple sentence constructed by the placing of phrauses one after another without coordinating or subordinating connectives.
  Example 2:A few of the pictures are worth mentioning both for their technical excellence and interesting content.有些照片技术高超,内容有趣,值得一提。

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