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How to motivate students in English Writing Class

时间:2018-05-21 英语毕业论文 我要投稿


How to motivate students in English Writing Class

魏萍[1] 邹斌

(成都理工大学工程技术学院 四川 成都;成都理工大学工程技术学院 四川 成都)

Abstract: One of the problems of English writing class is its tediousness, monotony and mechanic repetition. This article suggests some ideas towards motivating students in the teaching of English writing by creating various challengeable writing tasks, promoting discussion before task and after task, and advocating peer correction.

Key words: motivation, need

1 Introduction:?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

Twentieth century has witnessed the great change and progress of English language teaching in China. However, one of the most problematic and arguable aspects of the English language teaching is English writing teaching. Though both teachers and students makes painstaking efforts in writing practice. The outcome of English writing is still most difficult to control and predict. It is unlike practice of oral English, which can choose very interesting topic and interact immediately. It is also unlike the teaching of grammar, which is systematic and easy to see the feedback. The teaching of English writing in china is still a issue under discussion

Traditionally, English writing class is under the total control of teachers. It often begins with the instruction lecture on writing skill or a comments on the works of some students. Then the teacher will give some assignments and ask students to practice. In this kind of situation, teachers have undoubted authority and students often rely on teachers to give them instruction, correction and even outline sometimes. Many teachers have tried to make English writing teaching more interesting by various ways and even borrowing some good ideas from the teaching of reading and speaking. Their exploration contributes much to the evolution of the English writing teaching.

What I should like to do in this short essay is to consider how to motivate students in the English writing class to reduce the negative effects caused by the tediousness, monotony and mechanic repetition in the teaching of English writing.

2 How to motivate students in English writing class

2.1 Create various challengeable tasks

From what we have discussed above, we know that students need exploration, manipulation, activity and stimulation. It is what traditionally writing class lacks. So our teachers’ task is to create a environment that students can operate on it, performing activities in it, interacting with not only teachers but also fellow students and meets some challenges while fulfilling the task.

In many cases such as grammar learning and vocabulary recitation, students can get immediately rewarding by doing exercises correctly. While in writing, the short-term rewarding is not always possible. This is also one of the reasons why writing classroom is tediousness. In order to keep the students away from the tiredness, teachers should try to motive them by giving writing tasks in various forms. One of the possible ways is to create an environment t


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