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时间:2018-05-29 英语毕业论文 我要投稿


  The results of the thesis are mainly two points: First, sort out the situation of human resources management, optimize the process of human resource management supervision, human resources management to achieve the process of information management; Second, the effective implementation of information sharing and dynamic management, Information accuracy and timeliness, make the right analysis for decision makers and managers, and provide the appropriate basis.

  In the system development process, the choice of development tools and technology, the demand for the entire system and system operating environment operating results have a great impact. The foreground of the system is to use JSP as the development language, the background database management system uses SQL Server, the development environment is My Eclipse, the server is using Tomcat, will be developed to complete a B / S structure based on Web technology human resources information management system .

  Enterprise human resources information management system design is through the use of database SQL Server2005, Tomcat and Java language and other aspects of knowledge and technology, is a human resources management information management system development and design of typical cases. In the settlement of the actual cumbersome operation laid the foundation.

  Combining the deepening of theoretical knowledge is another distillation of theoretical knowledge, but also found a lot of deficiencies, especially in the development of tools is not detailed enough, the future also need to continue efforts in this regard.

  The learning experience taught me to learn, not only to expand the knowledge, but also to learn new ideas, the future has to be meticulous, the attitude of excellence, and maintain assiduously, for the study of hard work momentum. I believe that experience with these two years experience, I will have a better tomorrow out of the campus.


  A good paper is not written out, but modified out, which requires patience, but also hard. In the process of writing the paper, I encountered many problems, some of which are beyond the scope of their ability, whenever I can not write their own ideas or thinking to run, I will appear impetuous mood, but I Did not give up, but to adjust their attitude in a timely manner, with the help of classmates teacher, completed the first paper writing. The more you do not understand the things you want to learn, in the learning process you will gain a lot, one point is to learn from each other is the best way to learn, after learning you will feel a sense of accomplishment, which I completed After the production site to experience.

  Throughout the graduation thesis design process, I learned to do anything to have attitude and attitude, first of all I understand that to be meticulous in learning, for any problems and deviations do not despise, through the correct path to solve, in the Do things in the process to have patience and perseverance, not a difficult encounter back down, as long as you stick to it can find ideas to solve the problem. In the work to learn to cooperate with the attitude, seriously listen to the views of others, so start things can be less effective.

  The successful completion of the paper, first of all I would like to thank my teacher and teacher Tang Jianhua around the help of friends, thank them for their valuable comments and suggestions. In addition, I would like to thank all the teachers in the university to teach my knowledge is your careful teaching so that I have a good knowledge of professional courses, which is the basis for the paper to be completed.


  Tense and happy high school life near the end, and at this moment in my mind there are thousands of thousands of reluctant, thousands of thousands of sadness, the teacher, you use knowledge to water my heart, let me grow A friend is always encouraging me to keep me going. Three years of high school life has I hone into a mature and stable young people, each time the success of the need to obtain the strong support of sweat, high school life will be a wonderful piece of my life.

  Three years time I learned a lot of textbooks do not have the knowledge to learn how to plan their own lives. We have to believe that everything is possible, a miracle will appear in us. In the study, we have to down-to-earth, step by step, excellent results need a solid foundation to do a strong backing in life between the students should be concerned with each other to help each other. We must actively participate in the activities of the school organization to improve their organizational capacity, in order to enter the institutions of higher learning to lay the foundation for the total sunshine after the storm, after three hard to read the hard window, I believe I can go to colleges and universities to further study, I will work harder , Improve their own quality to develop their own moral, intellectual and comprehensive development of talent.

  Carrying the parents, the teacher's hope, I will be strict demands on themselves, proactive, hard work, create their own a fight blue sky.

  You are a quiet and elegant, parallel and correct girl, learning to be proactive, hard work, helpful and passionate life, is a good student in the hearts of teachers and students. You do not pay attention to the external gorgeous and fancy inner quality, confident of the future, in learning to improve learning consciousness, believe that "knowledge change destiny", you will take the success of graduation ceremony only a handful of few Day, summed up the following four years of university life and learning and so on:

  Learning, the only four-year university linked to a sports, other cultural subjects are also considered a number of subjects reluctantly adopted. The university mainly studies computer science major, also has studied the many subjects in the specialized course, like "the data structure", "the operating system", "the c language program design", "the unix system tutorial", "80x86 assembly language programming" "Database-based hammer," software engineering "and other subjects, many of them difficult and difficult to understand the knowledge, and some do not understand very well now, freshman began to recall now learning c language based on the scene, or so Vivid. Later, when I started junior learning delphi programming, seize the time to learn a lot of practical knowledge, but also directly helped me successfully found a job.

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