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The patrol systematically

时间:2018-05-21 英语毕业论文 我要投稿


Electro patrol system is one of the more efficient security measures. At present, there are some problems in night patrol system. Based on correlative electronic-and electric-techniques, night patrol stick in electro-patrol system is improved. The stick has functions of data collection and illumination; so can reduce the work intents of patrol-man, and its reliability is enhanced. Visual C++ 6.0 is adopted to develop management software of electro-patrol system, so night patrol data can be quickly and accurately processed and the system satisfy’s the requirement.
The progress of the development and science and technology of the society, peoples security consciousness is improving; require that is changing with improvement of consciousness too. In order to meet this kind of change and solve this problem, can only strengthen and patrol personnels number of times of patrol. The common method is to depend on the staffs consciousness, register on the place that patrols regularly, in order to achieve the goal. But this kind of method cant avoid more than once to sign. Carry on effective and fair and reasonable supervision and management while being difficult as administrator, thus perform practically no function. In order to enable the administrator,this workflow of more effective、 more convenient management enterprises. Prevent from, manage field produce electron patrol system, should improve patrol all kinds of patrol standardization and scientific management level to examine job systematically in Ann. Have stopped peoples unable science to patrolling and examined the phenomenon controlled accurately, having ensured the workflow in good order of your enterprise effectively, it has changed peoples original and consistent understanding to the attendance, pass only limited to particular time, attendance range of place and personnel ling the systematic settlement in advance, very satisfied of different occasions special attendance, help, note staff member reach time and status information ordered to patrol. Thus get the result of getting twice the result with half the effort.
The systematic classification of patrolling electronically:
Electron patrol system divide into online and from line type two big classes.
1. The system that online and electronic to patrol: Carry on comprehensive wiring in certain range, patrol patrolling the examining device and set up in certain patrol is patrolled and examined, patrol personnel only need to carry the information button or information card, patrol according to the range connected up, administrator need, control room can see, patrol personnel to be where one occurs to patrol route and patrol that reach patrol the time to examine in central authorities only. Its shortcoming is that the constructing amount is great and with high costs, it is apt to meet with artificial destruction to install the circuit of transmitting outdoors, dispose the online system of patrolling and show the difficulty even more again in fitting up the good building. Easy to be connected up the influence of the range by the temperature, humidity, install and safeguard more troublesome too, the advantage can be managed in real time.
2. Patrol systematically from the line type electron: System this need, connect up, patrol, patrol, examine, install in position of patrolling as its name suggests, patrol personnel hold, patrol, patrol person who examine get every one patrol, patrol, examine, gather message, transmit information to the computer through the transmitting device, can reveal that patrol and patrol the course of examining entirely (if need printing by the printer again, form an intact patrol and patrol and examine investigating) . Patrol as to online electron patrol systematic shortcoming to can manage in real time from system to line type, if there are interphones, can avoid this shortcoming. Its advantage is that do not need to connect up, installed simply, easily to carry, easy to operate, performance is reliable. Not receiving temperature, the influence of humidity and range, it is easy that systematic dilatation, circuit alter and the price is low, should not be destroyed. It is convenient for system installation to safeguard, suitable for any patrol or on duty and make an inspection tour in the field.
The classification and disposing systematically that it is systematic to patrol from the line type electron:
(1) From line electron patrol system divide into two kinds have contact-type to patrol by system with the getting more contact-type non- to patrol by system (Claim reaction type patrol system too).
1. The system that contact-type to patrol: Refer to, patrol personnel hold, patrol, patrol person who examine patrol appointed each to reach patrol, examine, exposed to information button, patrol, patrol contact time of examining etc. information position recorded at the button, patrol personnel name etc. message record first datum into automatically, sound while working to only brief on, its power consumption is very small too.
Keep in touch, patrol, examining device divide two kinds into also: Do not patrol and patrol the examining device and patrol and patrol the examining device with the revealing type of the number in revealing type. Their working content is the same, difference whether number person who reveal patrol, patrol person who examine can through patrol display window to patrol person who examine let, patrol person see the time to patrol accurately and promptly while reading information with the number of times. Have number reveal function, it contact, patrol a upgrading edition to patrol the examining device, the next hint foreshadowing is buried to patrol and patrol the development of the examining device for future reaction. Fund this products of type patrol, patrol, examine manufacturer production in specialty only, for patrol development examined to patrol add a historical record, play a role in downing on playing and bearing.
2. Patrol system while being contact-type non- ‘Claim reaction type patrol system too: Patrol, patrol person who examine utilize reaction card technology neednt exposed to information point may read message in sure range, it takes the display screen by oneself, can look over to storing the information of the place at present, while there are records of personnel. The function that the incident is recorded and excellent number is set up, its weak point is easy to be interfered with strongly and electromagnetic. Do not adapt to working under the abominable environment continuously, if use under the abominable condition, want to have information read in display again, can select the digital type for use and patrol and patrol the examining device, it remedy, reveal person who exposed to patrol, patrol person who examine with non- contact-type to patrol weak point to patrol examining device.
(2) The system is disposed
One intact electron patrol system to patrol, person who examine system, software system, information button system 3 major part make up.
1.The systems soft ware is the whole blood that patrolled in the system, whole of patrolling and patrolling the course of examining is to inquire about recording, operates and the whole course that patrol of test through the software, thus a complete systematic management software has offered personnel to user to set up, offer attendant’s identity to user to discern; The place is set up, the patrol plan provided for different places of patrolling; Plan, set up, patrol range offer personnel establishment it of place through calculate, can inquire and record and back up the record recently conveniently while being whole. Place of patrolling. The people patrol ling device time. Result that incident etc. select differently; Could add and reduce patrollers number according to the detailed conditions in the course of patrolling, the quantity click


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