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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘     要


"Confucian analects Tai bo" center writes: "Is popular tothe poem, stands to the ritual, Cheng YuYue". In the Confucianist musicthought, is friendly, with, beautiful, puts in the first place, KongZi believed, a person wants the adult (kernel), must through musicinfluencing. Xunzi thought the music can raise morale in the turbulentage, to cause the soldier to be brave in battle, but in peace age,also can cause the people harmoniously to be together, treats withgood manners. Kong Zi thought the music has enlightened the function:Installs governs the people, not is good at the ritual. Changesexisting habits and customs, not is good at happy. In him looked likethe music may establish the good social convention. But regarding thesingle person, he thought the music can cause the people innermostfeelings emotion, thus influences persons personality, fosters thegood moral character. These all are we in carries on in the musiceducation for all-around development extremely to be worth profitingfrom.

Key words:Confucianist music thought;music education ;function

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