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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[摘要]   综合,是基础教育的1种基本理念。它体现了现代教育的1种发展趋势,是学科体系向学习领域的伸展;∫衾纸逃鸵衾挚纬瘫曜级汲肌白酆稀钡睦砟,其根本要义在于“综合”有益于改变人格的片面化生成而向人格的完整化和谐发展。本文结合新课程标准,针对我国目前学校教育中过分强调学科专业化,忽视音乐艺术与其他学科的有机融合的现状,从学科综合的价值意义及其相关理论依据、“综合”的涵义与本质以及实施要注意的事项等几个方面进行分析阐述,着重从6个方面举例说明如何在中小学音乐教育中进行音乐与相关文化的综合互融,从而进1步说明软化学科边缘,提倡学科综合是教育改革的必然趋势.

[关键词]  音乐教学    相关知识     综合    互融     
Abstract:  Comprehensive, it is a kind of basic idea of the basic education. It has reflected a kind of development trend of modern education, is a discipline system to the extension which studies the field. Basic music education and music course standard all advocate the idea of " synthesizing ", it wants justice to lie in " synthesizing " of value to changing the melting one-sidedly and produce but develops harmoniously to the melting completely of personality of personality at all. This text combines the new course standard, emphasize discipline specialization excessivly to the school education at present of our country, ignore the current situation of organic integration of music artistic and other disciplines , is it is it is it explain to analyse to go on to implement item that should pay attention to ,etc. several respect from discipline comprehensive value meaning and relevant theoretical foundation , meaning and essence that " synthesize ". Illustrate from six respect with examples how carry on music and relevant synthesis of culture melt each other in the music education in middle and primary schools emphatically, thus state and soften the discipline edge further , recommend discipline and synthesize the inexorable trend that is an educational reform.
Keyword:    Music teaching    Relevant knowledge    Comprehensive
 Melt each other

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