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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[摘要]声乐和表演都是属于艺术实践范畴。 语言是2者在进行实践中的最基础也是最重要的条件。离开了语言,实践不能正常发挥,因此,他们的表演在此方面有很多相通相关的特点,如何将声乐语言的训练方法运用到影视语言中,对2者艺术实践都有重大的帮助和意义。本文将从声乐语言多方面进行分析来揭示其对影视语言技巧的帮助和作用。

[关键词] 声乐语言    影视语言      特点      启示

Abstract: Chinese and foreign article abstract 
Vocal music and perform it is art that practise the category. Language in practice Chinas most basic and also most important terms of carrying on two. Having diverged from the language, cant give play to to practise normally, so, performance of them have many communicate relevant characteristic in respect this, how apply movie & TV to of the performance training method, vocal music of language, practise and all have great help and meaning to the two art. From language in many aspects to is it is it is it announce their to function and enlightenment , movie & TV of performance to come to analyse to go on vocal music have this text.

[Keywords]: Vocal music    performance      character       analyse

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