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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘 要:舞蹈是流动的音乐,漂浮的画面,运动的诗篇。本文根据中小学心理、生理年龄的特点,联系舞蹈的教育作用,就舞蹈课堂中怎样开展教学,怎样培养学生的舞蹈感,发挥舞蹈课潜能,全面提高学生素质提出了自己的1些观点。

关键词:舞蹈教育  舞蹈感  味道 韵律 音乐 情感 

Abstract:  The dance is the music flowing, the picture of floating, the poems of sports. This text foundation middle and primary schools psychological or physiological characteristic of age, contact the education function of the dance, on how dance launch teaching of the classroom, how to train students dance sense, give play to dance lesson latent energy , has improved students quality and put forward some ones own views in an all-round way. It feels to be soul of dance , proceed with feeling of the dance only , could make student go beauty of finding , experience beautifully and displaying beautifully , open the body and mind , dance with sense . Thus experience truth , good and beauty. Achieve the middle and primary schools dance and educate the purpose to cultivate ones taste
Key words: Dance education    Dance feeling   flavor    rhythm   music emotion

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