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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

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 The school music education is our country implements in the education for all-around development essential important to be partial, especially in now science and technology and the economical swift and violent development time, it is promoting persons development and the impetus society progress aspect appears its unique function and the function. Educates from the current music looked that, each school all has a universal problem: 90% student like the music not liking the music class. Is not liking the music class faced with the student even repelling music class this stern question, indeed makes one to worry also makes people awaken to the truth. As soon graduates and has the university student which the possibility steps onto the education work post, indeed needs to ponder, how should go to the very good our music class, how stimulates them to the music class interest, how can let the student like your class, how can and the student cooperates to educate together with the work which educates. First, I thought we should first embark from oneself, must want to let the student be interested to the music to let them like on the music class, besides must have the stronger music theory knowledge and the practice ability as music teachers we, but also must have the interest and the determination which unceasingly pursues to the music. Only holds elementary and middle school students psychological characteristic, from the rich course content and the method, the science appraisal system as well as encourages the student aspect and so on study achievement to carry on the reform. Can fundamentally stimulate and train the student to the music study interest.
Key words: Humanist music; education scene; teaching creative; intere strained

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