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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[摘  要] 210世纪的音乐传播手段多种多样,但是民族音乐传播的前景不容乐观。我国本民族的音乐怎样才能得到更好的传播,而我们又怎样去接受各国不同民族不同风格的音乐。在众多传播手段中,电影音乐以其强大市场号召力和流传广泛程度让越来越多的人关注和重视。电影音乐为东西方文化情感之间构筑了1座桥梁,开始多元文化融和的新旅程,充分体现了音乐是无国界跨领域的艺术。

[关键词] 民族音乐  电影音乐  传播手段

Abstract: 20 centuries of music  dissemination means is varied, but the foreground of the race music dissemination allow of no the optimism.Our country originally music of the race how get the better dissemination, but we again how accept music of different race in all countries different style.In numerous dissemination meanses, the movie music with its strong market public appeal and spread the extensive degree to let more and more person concerns and value.The movie music constructed a bridge for the thing of the square cultural emotion, starting the multicultural harmonious new itinerary, full body now music is to have no national boundary inter-discipline Of art

Key words: The race music      Movie music
 Dissemination means

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