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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要

声乐是1门综合性艺术,它的学习演唱过程是1个集声乐技术技巧、心理素质、文化艺术修养以及人生体验为1体的综合性的提高和发展过程。歌唱艺术的表现手段是声音、感情和动作,人们总认为在这3个要素中最重要的应该是声音的好坏,因此,在众多的声乐学习者中有更多的人都把技巧的学习放在首要位置,而忽略了其他因素的影响。技巧的学习固然重要,然而却不是唯1的。在声乐学习的过程中,有1个不可或缺的因素,直接影响着声乐的教学成果,那就是心理因素的影响。在声乐的教学中就应该正确培养和运用歌唱心理,让学生形成正确的学习态度,并且正确处理教学中的师生关系等, 把歌唱心理的培养和调控正确地运用到声乐教学的过程中去,使其完美地结合起来,从而有机地改善和提高我们的行为效能。


The vocalism is a comprehensive art, which the process of study singing is a pocess of enhancement and development. It is a collection of vocality technology skill, psychological quality, cultural and art accomplishment and life experience.  The art of singing performs as the sound, emotion and action. Some people always thought the most important element was the sund quality among the three essential factors, therefore, many people put the skill study at the most important position in the multitudinous vocality study,while igored other factors influences. The skill study is absolutely important but not sole. During the process of  vocality study, there is a indispensable factor and directly affecting the vocality teaching achievement,that is the psychological factor influence.During the process of vocality teaching ,in order to make the students having the right study attiude,singing psychology must be set and up.Besides,the teaching voaclity relationships between teacher and students must be take good care of. Therefore, the singing psychologys development and improvement into vocality teaching, so as to make the combination perfectly,thus to improve and enhance our behavior organically and functionally.
    Key words: sing psychology; the feeling; the interest; the mood; the study attitude; the relations of teachers and students

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