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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要

军旅歌曲,是1种参与型的军旅音乐,是1种具有鲜明时代标志性的主旋律歌曲。其特点是体现军旅中的群众(广大官兵)共同参与享用的音乐功能。它强调大群体、大集体、超大群体的统1运动。它有冲锋型(或方正型)和休整型(或下线型)两种类型。 我国军旅歌曲的创作开始于1927年的81南昌起义,以产生于“81风暴”中的《81起义》为标志。按历史发展的不同,它大致经历了5个阶段:红军时期、抗日战争时期、解放战争时期、新中国成立后至改革开放前、改革开放后的新时期。军旅歌曲又是1种普及性与大众化的歌曲艺术。是用于军队生活的1种特殊品种的群众歌曲,基于受众群体的基本情况和需求,创作上尽量接近和符合大众的思想情感和审美情趣,简单流畅易于上口的旋律,通俗易懂易学的歌词,使其具有广泛的群众性。



     Troops song,is a kind of troops music that participates the type,is a kind of main melody song that has the fresh and clear ages to symbolize sex。Its characteristics is body the crowd( large government troops) in the troops participates to enjoy use of together now of music function。He emphasizes that the big community, greatly collective and super and big community unifies the sport。He assaults the type( or square positive type) and rests the whole two kinds of type。The creations of the our country troops song begins from 1927 of81 Nanchang Uprising,with produce in"81 storms"s 81 start revolution for symbolize.Press the dissimilarity of the history development, He experienced five stages mostly: The Red Army is period, the war against Japan is period, liberation war period, lately after China establish to reform before open, reform new period after open. The troops song is a kind of universality and popularize song arts again.Is crowds song that useds for a kind of special species of the troops life, according to be basic among many community circumstance and need, near to and match the publics thought emotion and appreciate beauty the interesting aspect as far as possible on the creations, the simple fluency melody be easy to fluently, popular understand the easy to learn lyrics easily, make it have the extensive crowd.
Key words: Troops music; Troops song; Thought education; Revolution base; Army camp folk song; Red rockn roll; Eight disgraces of eight glories

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