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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

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In 1986,“The symposium on traditional music in Asian-Pacific Region”was held in Beijing by Chinese Musicians Association on behalf of UNESCO. Chinese musicians’ research that exchanged in the meeting received high praise from foreign experts, who also expressed deep regret at the research which haven’t been translated and introduced to foreign countries. One of the reasons that made the research couldn’t be exchanged well is that people in Chinese music field who is good at foreign language translation and writing is too little. Generally speaking, those who are good at foreign language are hard to fully comprehend technical terms and the latest developments in music. As a result, to fasten the development of cultural exchange of world music, for the sake of the full development of culture, that to strengthen our country’s foreign language teaching and learning in music field is staring us in the face. Firstly, this thesis introduced the fact about how many attention music conservatories paid to music translation, universities are of course the key department to reflect the situation of cultural exchange. Secondly, this thesis discussed the bad effect to international music cultural exchange for language reasons based on all kinds of activities held in music field. After discussed so many phenomenon, the thesis elaborated the social meanings of strengthening foreign language teaching and learning in music field. And the thesis put forward some possibility measures after passing careful and attentive analysis.
Key words: cultural exchange; music literature translation; foreign language in music field; to teach and to learn

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