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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要



Music appreciation is an important constituent of music education and the premise to understand and learn music better. Moreover , music appreciation plays a vital role in improving students, aesthetic judgement ,moulding students, temperament and promoting students, all-round development,Therefore, music appreciation course to a large degree, has a  great impact on the quality of music education. Nevertheless ,the  tradition teaching model of music appreciation,which is inflexible, monotonous,dull, unpleasant and lack of emotion, has some limitations on arousing students, enthusiasm and interest in music.Accordingly, the research on teaching model of music appreciation deserve the consideration of all musicians. In this thesis, we give a brief account of the demerits of tradition teaching model of music appreciation and introduce researches and suggestions on music appreciation teaching in academic circle. Meanwhile, we analyze the  status and functions of music appreciation teaching in music education in accordance with the new requirements of musical course standard for All-day compulsory Education (Experiment) to middle and primary school students. On this basis, we advance a new model of music appreciation teaching. First, encourage students to actively participate in class instead of passive reciept of knowledge to arouse student’s desire for expression. Then obtain more pleasure in aesthetic judgment through sentimental experience. Third, take situational teaching method and put up questions in classes to promote student’s desire for studying music. Last, make a harmonious and democratic teaching at mospleve and develop students’ innovation awareness.
    Key words: Music appreciation; Participation; Experience; Study; Innovation


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