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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

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    The zheng is in our country tradition nationality musical instrument treasure house the most ancient musical instrument. Since the Qin and Han Dynasty the zheng has spread gradually from my northwest area to each place, zheng art on with the indigenous language, the culture, the economy, the custom and so on many factors and the local folk songs, the drama, the traditional entertainment involving talking and singing and so on unifies, thus has formed the different style performance technique law, the characteristic and the program gradually. But Shandong and Henan are situated at the border, southwest Lu adjoins with the Henan northeast, two provinces music cultural exchanges are frequent, zheng music still inevitably has the relations which affects mutually. Says from the geographical position: The Shandong zheng and the Henan zheng all belong "north sends", but two places different histories, have accomplished the different culture. Therefore, Shandong sends with Henan to send in aspect and so on music style and music structure both has similarly place and unique. This article from the Shandong zheng tune and the Henan zheng tune historical evolution, the musical form structure, the melody rhythm characteristic, the utilization will refer to aspect the and so on technique similarities and differences carries on the comparison to the Shandong zheng tune and the Henan zheng tune.
   Key words: The Shandong zheng tune; Henan zheng tune; bumps eight boards; board names of the tunes; which qu are composed sub- tune 


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