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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要

本文就电脑音乐专业人士与爱好者在录音工程中实际运用及操作效果器过程中出现的由于对效果器基础知识的认识错误造成的困难等等1些问题做解决性的释疑,文章重在介绍效果器的基础知识及其实际应用,介绍部分关键元件和基本应用技巧,提高个人对效果器应用的能力。本次论文设计采用当今著名的1些主流软件效果器为平台,可作为VST/DX/RTAS插件被调用在目前MIDI音序器/音频工作站领域最为先进的CUBASE系统,SONAR系统,LOGIC AUDIO系统,PRO TOOLS等系统中,实现其实时的音频信号处理。其主要功能的实现都是根据模拟硬件设备的引擎、电路基础来配置效果器系统,预存多个出厂设置,并实现更多的功能。例如,对声音进行动态处理来平衡声音的力度、通过对声音频率的处理来美化声音的音色、又可通过某些效果器来模拟空间和环境,以达到表现声音的声场位置等等功能。


The music on computer professionals and enthusiasts in the recording project and the actual operating results by using a process based on the results of the knowledge of the difficulties caused by the mistakes of doing so on a number of issues to address sexual construction, the article focused on the effects on the basis of knowledge and its practical application, introducing some key elements and basic skills, and enhance the ability of individuals to effect device applications. This paper was designed with the well-known effect on the number of mainstream software for the platform, as VST/DX/RTAS plug-ins are currently available in english preface by MIDI / Audio workstation areas most advanced Cubase system, Sonar systems, Logic audio system, Pro Tools systems, In fact, the achievement of audio signal processing. It’s main functions are based on the achievement of hardware simulation engine, circuit basis for the effect on system configuration, installation put aside to replace a number of identification, and to achieve more functionality. For example, the voice of a dynamic voice processing to balance the intensity and frequency of the voice through which to deal with the voices sound, but through certain devices to simulate the effect of space and the environment, to achieve the performance of market position, etc. voice functions.
Key words: Effector; Skills; Recording; Voice; Sound

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