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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘 要:“传统”与“现代”的对接!按场贝砉诺湟衾; “现代”代表流行音乐。
音乐的本质是1种体会。流行音乐受到各种年龄阶层,广大老百姓的喜爱。 古典音乐有着富丽堂皇的演奏厅、人数庞大的交响乐团、彬彬有礼的观众和源远流长的历史。两种不同的音乐风格用1种对接的手法会产生1种什么样的效果呢?210世纪6710年代,欧洲的音乐家们第1次做了大胆的尝试。这样,1种新兴的音乐风格产生了-------Newage。中文翻译成“新世纪”或“新纪元”。

关键字:Newage     传统      现代         发展


Abstract:" tradition " and " modern combination ", " tradition " represents classical music; It represents pop that " modern ".
The essence of the music is a kind of experience. The pop receives various kinds of ages stratum, the liking of the masses of ordinary people. The classical music has splendid concert hall , symphony orchestra , well-mannered audience and history of long standing and well established huge in number of people. What result two kinds of different music styles will be produced with the tactics of a kind of cooperation? In sixty or seventy times of the 20th century, the musicians of Europe did the bold try for the first time. In this way, a kind of new developing music style has been produced -------Newage. Chinese is translated into " new century " or " new era ".
This text will tell from the origin of Newage music , will enumerate a series of Newage music representativeness music works and musicians. Its influence in the world at present
Since ancient times, refined with coexisting vulgarly all the time, the two are both as contrast , each have audiences. So, it is art to be should not be to be simple classical, prevailing is not art. Appearance, Newage of music, let different audience from one side understand music of the other side it heavy meaning most.
Key words:  Newage     Tradition    Modern         developing

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