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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要



Along with the reform of music education in school gradually , such as computer has been gradually used into the music-teaching field in primary and secondary school and the multi-media resource has been broadly applied into the music class, because the vivid pictures  have been added into multi-media teaching, together with the audio-visual teaching, it’s really  which is full of direct perception, this article starts with the good effects that multi-media brings to the middle school music teaching .multi-media’s entering the music classroom.  Which does good to the cultivation of students’ interest in music, promotes the reform and development of music teaching, and stirs up students ’ study  and create their enthusiasm and so on. However, The disadvantage of multi-media are obvious .The multi-media  technique can not be well integrated with discipline, Which  restrict students as a subject to develop their creative thinking and to form the abilities to think for themselves, writer think that we should pick up  good aspects and give up negative aspects, meanwhile explore the best connecting point between multi-media teaching and traditional one, letting the modern science improving teaching and technology  serve  teaching  better.
    The key to improving teaching is to use its modernity. Facing the new continuously, updated technique and knowledge , teachers are required to change the old teaching method , perfecting teaching process and improving teaching quality .let’s do to make middle school step into the age of multi-media teaching .
    Key words: Multimedia; Lesson piece; Teaching mode; Creative power

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