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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

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Piano situation difference and so on performers cultural education, thought quality, disposition characteristic, esthetics pursue, artistic attainments, the different performer annotation identical first work often displays the interest each differently but the also reasonable individuality, even if is the identical performer plays the identical first piano work also to be able often as a result of the time place environment atmosphere, the psychological condition, the musical instrument quality change but to differ from. Says regarding a piano work, does not have quite same not less than, slightly not the bad two performances. The official this kind saw mutually to the music work kind wisdom which, subtly revealed the explanation only then constituted in the piano performing arts differ in thousands of ways,  the aspect respectively, only then caused the piano performance to manifest fit and unfit quality high under the difference, is filling the lasting youthfulness vitality. In the piano performance this kind of art individuality manifests already possibly in to the music overall idea assurance in, also possibly in to work minor details processing in; Also possibly grasps in the speed dynamics and the rhythm metre on, also possibly in  performance the skill with to touch the key timbre in the utilization. Some people more pay great attention to music the unified integrity, form a coherent whole, some people more consider the work partial between the difference and the contrast; Some people stress the technical method, some human of deviations music performance. The piano performance acme of perfection boundary lies in music performance both outstanding and to be fair, lies in the performance effect the unique flavor and the enchanting charm.
Key words: Artistic individuality; Annotation work; Practices repeatedly

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