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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要

舞蹈艺术欣赏课程作为笔者所实习的职业高级中学素质教育中的1部分,与舞蹈专业的课程不尽相同, 舞蹈艺术欣赏课在教学环节、教学目的上有其独具的特点,但却不能充分发挥其应有的作用。如何在中学阶段培养学生的个人专长和综合素质能力,使得他们能全面发展以适应社会的需要?怎样进行舞蹈艺术欣赏课的教学?必要作为1个重要的课题来关注。因此,作为学校素质教育的舞蹈艺术欣赏课有必要成为学习者的重点,并且有必要对这门学科进行认真、深入地探索和研究。本文试图从舞蹈艺术欣赏课程性质和教学特点;舞蹈艺术欣赏课的教学方法;舞蹈艺术欣赏课的功效这3方面作为切入口,对舞蹈艺术欣赏课的教学提出见解。


Dance and art appreciation courses as a vocational senior middle schools this internship as a part of quality education and professional courses in different dance, dance and art appreciation courses in teaching links, and teaching purposes has its unique features, but not fully play its rightful role. How to train students in the secondary school stage personal expertise and overall quality capabilities to enable them to adapt to the needs of the community in the overall development? How the dance arts appreciation lesson teaching? Necessary as an important issue for concern. Therefore, the quality of education as a school dance classes are bound to become learners to focus on discipline and the need for serious, in-depth exploration and study. This article attempts to courses from the dance arts appreciation, the nature and characteristics ; teaching dance and art appreciation lesson teaching methods ; dance arts appreciation classes as improving the effectiveness of the three of the dance arts appreciation lesson teaching their views.
Key words: Dance art; Dance vocabulary; Esthetic value

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