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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要

 随着我国教育事业的飞速发展,音乐教育也取得了前所未有的成就,为我国音乐文化的普及起到了很大的作用。然而在发展的同时,它也出现了1些问题。笔者讨论的是有关高师音乐教育专业学生学习定位的问题:专业知识发展极不均衡,过分强调主专业,而忽视了专业的全面发展, 偏离了当代社会对师范生的要求——“全面型”和“复合型”。这也就1定程度上引发了毕业生就业难与就业后不能适应的问题。对此,笔者从1些角度来阐述了问题产生的根源(学生的、学校的、社会的和国家相关制度方面的。)并提出了社会对音乐教育人才的要求。最后笔者结合以上两者重新定位高师音乐教育专业学生的学习—— 1专多能,全面协调发展,实现人才的“全面型”和“复合型”。同时作为教育部门也应该从严治校,科学办学,树立质量是教育生命线的观念,不断地推进高师音乐教育的改革。


 In recent years ,with the rapid development of our nation’s educational affairs, musical education also made unparalleled achievements, playing  very important roles in widely spreading our countries’ musical culture. Musical education, however , appear some problems while under way of development . what this article focus are  the stand-out problems involving the students’ studies of this major ,that, in-balance in development of special knowledge,  overemphasizing main major but overlooking the full development of specialty in all-round way, which lead to deviation from modern social requirements to the students from normal universities — “All-rounded pattern ” and “dompound pattern”. This cause arouses the problem of difficulty in securing job to some extent. Because of this,  writer pins down the roots of problems from different angle(such as from students themselves ,from educator ,from society and aspects of related policies ) . In addition, writer presents modern, social requirements to this type of talents. To re-define the students’ studying orientation from musical major of normal university —“mastering-one-and-with-multi-skills” and harmonious development in all-round way,  with the goal of realizing all-round pattern and compound pattern. For education sector, they should manage schools seriously, operate teaching work in scientific way and set up the notion of quality being vital to education, meanwhile educator should continually push forward the reform of musical education of normal universities
 Key words: musical education; study; orientation; compound talent; consideration 

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