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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[摘  要] 我国普通学校音乐教育,特别是中小学音乐教育在发展的同时也存在着1些问题。构成这1问题的原因有很多,其主要原因与老师的教是分不开的。因此如何在提高学生学习音乐兴趣的前提下,让学生真正学到音乐,享受音乐是极为重要的。本文将在充分吸收现有理论成果的基础上,提出自己的观点,并把重点放在如何培养学生学习音乐的兴趣上。  
[关键词] 培养    兴趣    学习音乐    音乐趣味教学法

Abstract: The music education of ordinary school of our country, especially some questions exist while developing in the music education of the middle and primary schools. There are a lot of reasons for forming these questions, the teaching and can not be parted of its main reason and teacher. So how to really learn the music by students on the premise of improving students and studying interest of the music, it is extremely important to enjoy the music. This text will put forward ones own view on the basis of fully absorbing existing theory achievement, and put the focal point on how to train students to study the interest of the music.

Keywords:  Cultivation    Interest    Study the music
Interesting teaching method of music

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