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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘  要


关键词:普及舞蹈教育  用心去舞  克服成人化  赏识教育  多媒体应用



It is in dance comprehensive in each for art,it collective can, artistic skill, know can, makings at an organic whole, play a driving role to teenagers quality of various fields. And nowadays in the aesthstic education system of the outline of education of middle and primary schools which our country implement, only only two kinds music and fine arts , with the development of society, the improvement of peoples living standard, have offered dance course only in some extensive middle and primary schools of large city (example: Physique lesson), but most schools in most areas have not offered special dance course yet. The dance educates a education that is very unique , It whether other disciplines do not possess in primary school, function that middle school give play to, dance is it in primary school education , can train students morality personality vivid better to educate, improve physique of student , develop intelligence , display ability , let pupil perceive American displaying beauty, in the actual teaching course, the teacher wants to notice some practical problems, thus work its magic better, but in middle school, student different fields to form one, Students training , performing , creating the potentiality of various fields that can develop students both in ability in dance education, let middle school student know American , experience beauty , display beauty diligently. Equally, teacher is it catch student psychology adopt " is it educate to appreciate " , make dance to be abundant to give play to function of growing up in student to want too. In a word educate it at the stage in the middle and primary schools , can promote students body and mind to develop better , let students experience beautifully , know U.S.A. , understand beautifully and displaying U.S.A. trully among the dances.

Keyword: Promote education of dancing Dance that go diligently Overcome adults Appreciate and educate Multimedia application

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