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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[摘  要] 放眼当代世界各国音乐教育状况及发展趋势,我国音乐教育还存在着许多的不足,通过对国内外著名教育体系进行深入了解和研究,发现当今世界最著名的3大音乐教育体系之1的奥尔夫音乐教育体系能弥补我国音乐教育中的许多不足,并且奥尔夫音乐教育思想对我国音乐教学有着重要的启示作用。结合我国音乐文化传统和教学实际,创造性地运用奥尔夫音乐教学中的1切优秀成分,从而进1步推动我国音乐教育的改革和发展。 


[关键词]奥尔夫音乐教育思想    启示    弊端     改善  


Abstract: Taking a broad view of the music education state of contemporary countries all over the world and development trend, a lot of deficiencies exist yet in the music education of our country, through understanding in depth and studying to the domestic and international famous education system, find , one of most famous three major music education system olves of music education system to can remedy of our country music education much enough our times, and there is important enlightenment function on the teaching of music of our country in one olf of music education thought.


Key words: Olf of music education thought     Enlightenment

          Drawback       Improving

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