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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[摘  要] 《秦腔主题随想曲》这首2胡曲是采用秦腔曲牌和唱腔编写,乐曲极富戏剧性的委婉和高昂激情,表现了西北劳动人民勤劳朴实和豪爽的性格。此曲用2胡把秦腔戏曲的独特艺术风格表现得淋漓尽致,体现了她气质的慷慨激昂、苍凉豪放,她的美学价值与艺术魅力也蕴涵于此。这种个性和独特的艺术风格,是几百年来在西北这块地域环境中形成和发展起来的,她的艺术内涵和独立的美学体系是其他艺术形式难以取代的。
[关键词] 秦腔   音乐特色   苦音   表现技巧

Abstract: "Shanxi operas theme caprice" This erhu song adopts Shanxi operas name of tune and vocal music, the extremely rich and dramatic mild and the high passion of the melody, have displayed the industrious, sincere and straight forward personalities of the northwest working people. This piece behave with the unique artistic style ,and Shanxi opera thoroughly, has reflected the deep feeling and enthusiasm, has reflycted the bold and unconstrained characters. Her aesthstic value and artistic charm are included here. This kind of individual character and unique artistic style, have taken shape and developed in the environment of this region in the Northwest over several hundred years, her artistic intension and independent aesthstic system are difficult to replace by other art forms .
The main music characteristic in " Shanxi operas theme caprice ", reflect in her scale, by harmony , tune and melody. This text analyses the style of this music from several following respects mainly: 1, Shanxi operas bitter sound scale and two pieces of characteristic including in sound of " fa , si " of key factor among them ; 2, The style of the name of tune that the melody of the tune has, the music is impassioned instead of losing the fine and smooth and mild and roundabout characteristic while behaving; 3,the characteristrc of Native country dialect and the rhythm of the melody and speed of Shanxi; 4, It is at the time of play in erhu to displaying distinctive Shanxi opera flavor not artistic,right-hand man skill (for instance: Application on rub string , roll rub , pigeonhole rubing , glide ,etc. ).

Key words: Characteristic of Shanxi opera   music   bitter sound
 display the skill

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