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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要




    The Chinese traditional music culture continues long for several thousand years, and the abundance of its inheritance is as vast as seas. But similar to the destinies of many countries whose traditional music is on the verge of doom in recent years, the traditional music in our country also faces depopulation, because of lack of the necessary protection measures. Some categories of songs, plays and operas with considerable value are already lost. However, how to protect traditional music and make it able to spread and develop smoothly has become the thing that more and more people pay attention to. This article summarizes the crisis that Chinese traditional music now faces and the concern, research and suggestions of the ethic music academic about the protection of traditional music. Taking a look at the pleasing phenomenon that the 12th CCTV Young Singers TV Competition in “Primary Folk Songs” method gets a unusually brilliant result, this article analyzes the reasons why it is widely popular. Enlightened by this, the article put forward the new way to protect and continue traditional music. “Primary Folk Songs” and the other related art should be in harmony for the development; If “Primary Folk Songs ”wants to spread effectively, it must attach importance to the marriage of the medium; The ethic music academic can establish the related group  for the purpose of  publicity. The “Primary Folk Songs” singers must improve their own qualities continuously to adapt the demand of the social development.
Key words: Chinese traditional music; “Primary Folk Songs”; protection; value;     media

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