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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘    要

关键词: 歌唱心理;怯;心理素质;声乐表演



Singing is a type of performing and along with the practice on the stage. after several years’ hard studying and practice, all singers dream to be on the sacred stage to show  their agreeablevoice, realizing their dreams, hidden in their heart for many years.the stage, however, is cruel.no matter how many vocal music lessons you have ,whatever you did well behind the scenes, it feels dry in your mouth or numb throughout your body, the body functionas that operated in normal before stop from runing normally in an instant and even forget your lyrics that quite familiar with you originally, as if your body were out of control.so, confidence in prictice and active state of your mind is key to succeeding in singing. after bearing witness to the present situation that many singers have stage-fright, Writer combine wih specific examples to analyze various behaviours and its harms from different angles and expound the significance of overcoming the stage-fright.and next, writer analyzes the causes of the stage-fright with care. at last, writer explore primarily the way to cultivate and train good psychology for singing.
Key words: psychology for singing; stage-fright; quality of psychology; vocal music performing



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