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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[摘  要] 起初最为原始的歌唱艺术是人们对嗓音使用的艺术,局限于语言音乐化的情感表达,都是较为简单而颇具口语化的,所以,对嗓音音域的使用也不会太宽。然而,随着人的实践领域的不断拓宽,以及人的情感和智慧的不断提高与发展,因而,人们对扩大使用嗓音的艺术需求也越来越迫切,于是人们在歌唱艺术的实践中探索出了1系列解决“换声点”的理论和方法,“换声现象”也就逐渐的显现在歌者的面前了。

[关键词] 歌唱  换声区  换声点  声区结构特点  方法途径  探讨

Abstract:Originally the most primitive singing art is art that people use to the voice, confine to the music emotion of the language and express, it is all comparatively simple and having much the spoken language one, so, the use for voice compass will not be too wide either. However, with practising the widenning constantly of the field of people, and peoples emotion and intelligent constant improvement and development, therefore, people are more and more urgent to expanding the artistic demand for using the voice, then people explore a series of theory and method of solving "changing sound and clicking" in singing practice of art, "change sounds of phenomenon" appearing in front of singer gradual too.
Different from the main characteristics of other singing styles from the bel canto --Mix sounds of district characteristic this set out, appear "broken sound" , "true and false sound transition obvious to learner too" question in the course of singing, use relevant theories to change one sound of problems to carry on the discussion and put forward the method and way solved, help fans further understanding of the masses of vocal musics and solve this kind of problem met while singing.

Key words: Singing   Change one sound of districts   Change clicking
A sound of district structure characteristics  Method ways once Discussion

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