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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要



The 21st century is an important period of quality educations implementation, and also a crucial period for China educations reform. As a student of higher normal university, being a teacher in the new century, will shoulder the heavy responsibility of implementing quality education. Therefore, it is essential for students in higher education institutions to have a good comprehensive quality. And the training of quality of music is not only related to the current generation of students comprehensive quality, but also may affect the next generation, and therefore enhance the quality of students in music education institutions are urgent without delay. As for music quality training, its important to take training the overall quality of students in music education institutions as goal, and enhance aesthetic capacity as a focus, through the way of opening some courses like music appreciation, rhythm and pace, individual skills, and so on. By this way to train university students with noble life, perfect personality, harmony, overall quality, and to achieve the full implementation of quality educations demands in the 21st century, and also training qualified teachers for our country. In this article, firstly, through a survey analysis on training students in higher education institutions, a detailed record of the findings is provided. Secondly, this article tells us that music training can enhance the quality of the overall quality of students in four aspects. Then it notes that the importance of training the musical qualities of the music is enhance the students aesthetic capacity. At last it gives that the main way of training the musical qualities of students is the practice-oriented way.  
  Key words: music quality; literary attainment; aesthetic taste; practice of arts


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