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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘  要:随着社会的不断发展与进步,人们的精神文化生活也日趋丰富,人们的精神生活大多以艺术追求为主。在这种表面上看来1切“风平浪静”的社会环境下,其实也存在着诸多对文化生活有负面影响的现象。通过聆听著名歌唱家吴雁泽老师的讲座,使我感受颇多,“学艺先做人”当为我们青年1代认真思考之题目。本文将从正反两方面的事例中引出“学艺先做人,修德须先行”的 观点,以此与同辈人共勉。
关键词:学艺    做人    道德修养

Abstract:  With the constant development and progress of the society, peoples cultural life is abundant day by day, peoples cultural life mostly rely mainly on the fact that art is pursued . Seem everything under the " calm " social environment , in fact have a great deal of phenomena of having negative influence on culture life too on the surface in this kind. Through listening to the lecture of famous singer Mr. Wu Yanze , make me experience quite more, " learning a craft or trade and conducting oneself first" acts as the topic pondered deeply for our Young Generation. This text will draw the view of " learning a craft or trade and conducting oneself first , must go ahead of the rest to repair Germany " from the example of both sides, so as to mutually encourage with the people of the same generation.
Keywords: Learning a craft or trade     conduct oneself    the morals are cultivated

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