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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要

     关键词:《佩利亚斯与梅丽桑德》;法国印象派歌剧;西方现代音乐; 印象派语言特征


Claude-Achille Debussy is father of French impressionist music in the late of 19th century and the early of 20th century.The born of impressionist music is the symbol of the starting of western modern music.
Piliyasi and Meilisangde is the opera that composed by Debussy and it is his only opera composition.During his composed maturing perrod(1900~1910),he composed other panio and orchestra works.As well as his opera works are all with impressionist style.Piliyasi and Meilisangde,the most important French modern impressionist opera in 20th century,is not only the cross-century masterpiece in opera history with uniqe style and imagination,but aslo fully and completely decidated to enrich modern music works and reclaim modern music skills,especially in new opera style field etc.
As a under-graduate student in Music Department,the auther searched plenty related documents,compared with music and its acoustics,applied his learned knowledge、skills and acquired information to study the impressionist characteristics of the opera Piliyasi and Meilisangde,in music language and its profound enlrghtening effection on modern music in 20th century ,particularly on composing modern.
Key words: Piliyasi and Meilisangde; French impressionist opera; Western modern music; Impressionist characteristics

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