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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

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The pipa had more than 2000 years history, on introduced in the Northern Zhou Dynasty time the pipa the area south of Yellow River to establish the orchestra, the Han Dynasty color simple and also is simple, Sui and Tang dynasties time color lively splendid, also appeared in orchestras form division of the size, had the solo, the accompaniment, the instrumental ensemble and so on many kinds of performance form. The drawing celebrated work is handed down for generations which from the Dunhuang fresco flying apsaras pipa happy skill provided the Tang Dynasty for us to develop plays a tune the item of pipa right hand to grasp dials, in horizontal thoughts vivid image. Northern Song Dynasty time marketplace color accompaniment orchestra has become the populace entertainment form. Ming Jiaqing the year Chiangnan color plays an instrument and sings in art in the pipa to be able to manifest, frequently by leading signer status in accompaniment orchestra by its unique technique fill and rich lyrics content, and deeply populaces affection. In the long developing process, the near modern pipa already was in our country nationality orchestras main performance musical instrument, also widely used in singing, the acrobatics, the drama accompaniment. Is more prominent after the reform, often gives the human by uniquely, novel, relaxed, the happy feeling. In modern orchestra pipa musical image plentiful bright, and flowed the shoptalk using the modern adapter method the touching melody to cause the work to have theatrically the impulse, it all might do the expressive force carefully diverse, music color numerous. In place Le Zhong, regarding the different region, the different style work in aspects and so on technique, sound, manifestation has many functionality directional colors. In the mix timbre which unifies with other musical instruments very is also suitable, therefore displays in China and the West orchestra quite is also prominent, holds certain status. But in now in the pop music the pipa still gradually to find own in the probe in orchestras localization.
 Key words: Pipa; orchestra; performance color; musical instrument classification

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