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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[摘要] 对于学习、从事和爱好音乐的人来说,乐感是及其重要的1种心理能力,本文以音乐要素中的音高、节奏、和声、力度、速度、音色为例,介绍了乐感与音乐要素之间较全面的关系,指出在音乐活动中,乐感除包括音乐的敏感性和感受能力,还包括理解音乐与表达音乐的能力,而这种能力并不1定是先天的,通过训练和培养是可以提高的。文中除介绍了国内外1些优秀的钢琴教材和乐曲外,还提出了培养乐感的有效措施和方法。

[关键词] 乐感  音乐要素  理解  培养  方法

Abstract: Regarding the study, is engaged in with the hobby music person said that, the musical sense is and its the important one kind of psychological ability, this article take music essential factor in pitch, the rhythm, and the sound, dynamics, the speed, the timbre as an example, introduced between the musical sense and music essential factor the comprehensive relations, pointed out in music activity, the musical sense eliminates includes music the sensitivity and the feeling ability, but also includes the understanding music and the expression music ability, but this kind of ability not necessarily is congenital, is may enhance through the training and the raise. In the article besides introduced the domestic and foreign some outstanding pianos teaching material and the music, but also proposed the raise musical sense effective action and the method.

Keywords: Happy sense, Key element of the music, Understanding
Cultivation, Method


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