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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要

关键词:《音乐新课程标准》;创新思维 ;培养


In the new class sign explicitly pointed out that, "Through the teaching and each kind of vivid music practice, trains the student to like the music the appeal, the development music feeling and the connoisseurship ability, the performance ability and the creation ability." This then has taken the innovation ability raise the music teaching total goal. Middle schools music education is in the entire music education the important stage, in its teaching, how gets rid of the traditional thought the fetter, in "the new curriculum, the new idea" under the educational model, through and trains as well as adopts the more novel teaching method to students instruction, enables the student initially to grasp the innovation thought the method, thus maximum limit display students creativity and activity. This is the new task which needs us thoroughly to study and diligently to practice. How raises students creative thought? I stimulate the creativity, raises the innovation spirit is the goal, in is actual unceasingly explores strives for, the bold attempt newly. In the teaching environment, the teaching thought, the teaching goal as well as the educational model four aspects have carried on the detailed elaboration. Selects the many kinds of different teaching method in the music classroom to guide the schoolmates interest, achieves to its innovation ability raise goal. Therefore, the innovation thought raise is playing the decisive role in the music teaching.
    Key words: Music curriculum standard; innovation thought; raise

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