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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

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  In recent years, the our country music educates the quick development, obtaining the certain result, new-made order of The fulltime system compulsory education music course standard , the basic spirit of the overall propulsion education for all-round development, is the important link of music education reform, also pushed to educate the reform of the business and develop, developped the tall character talented person to lay the foundation for the society.At the same time, accompany with the pop song in the our country widely accepted, it how to enter the primary and junior high school music classroom, becoming the problem of the long-term controversy.Lead it exclude to have it, secretively into has it, have no the have scruples about to also have it.This text want what to discuss is:The pop music should be quote from in in the classroom music teaching, dont place oneself it in the classroom outside, should combine together with syllabus, find out is similar with content of course or fit together mutually of, health of fitting" pop music" carry on the dissection together, study, increase the students interest, common study good and bad, recognize beautiful and ugly, make them have a better appreciate beauty and judge the ability, the esthetic sense that gradual formation is right, raise the oneself continuously to the study musical of confidence and enjoy infinite fun that music art give towards appreciating beauty the ability music,.Usher in the important path of the assistance route of the pop music conduct and actions study syllabus, real come to a the purpose that the teaching teaches the person, be subjected to the benefit in the student.
    Key words: Pop music; The music education of the high school; Classroom teaching


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