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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘    要


The so-called pop music is always mentioned with small structures, popular contents, variable forms and honest feelings and thus is a certain kind of popular instrumental musical song or art that attracts the public to fall in love with and enjoy extensively.
At the beginning of this article the background and meaning of the pop music are introduced to reveal the impact of pop music applied onto musical education by analyzing the relationship between the famous TV show, Super Girls, and the trend of teenagers growth.  Subsequently, the question whether or not the pop music should be taught middle-school classes is asked. Raul and Gisler with their followings believed that it is unlikely to exclude Jazz, Rock and Roll and other amusing music out of music education. While in German education circle still exists large divergence, Germans, famous for their conservativeness, have already come to the agreement of bringing pop music to students during their music education.  Consequently, it does not make any sense for Chinese education circle to prevent pop music from entering students daily study and life.  Eventually, the problem of how to remove the shortage after pop music enters classrooms is discussed, followed by the summarization of the aesthetic-appreciating work based on the fact that music is involved in students study at school at the angel of the primary purpose of the musical aesthetic-appreciating education.
Keywords: pop music; super girls; teenage; education on musical aesthetic  appreciation

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