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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[摘  要] 歌唱的目的是运用声乐技巧表达作品的思想内涵及其感情,给人以美的享受。为了恰当地表现作品的内涵、正确的分析处理歌曲和准确的表现音乐的情感是10分重要的。本文就声乐演唱中的歌曲分析处理问题从分析歌词与时代背景;分析音乐作品的结构特征;了解与掌握歌曲的音乐风格;歌曲处理的基本手段4个方面进行论述,就声乐演唱中情感表现的问题从深刻挖掘歌词含意、准确把握基本情感及细腻表现情感变化3个方面进行论述,以达到更好的演唱效果。

[关键词] 声乐  演唱  作品分析  歌曲处理  情感表现

Abstract: The purpose to sing is to use the skill of the vocal music to express the thought intension and emotion of the works, give somebody beautiful enjoyment. For display intension , analysing and processing songing and accurate behavior emotion of music very important correct of works appropriately. The song in this text sings on the vocal music analyses and handles problem from analysing the lyrics and era background ; Analyse the structure characteristic of the music works; Understand and grasp the music style of the song; Four respects of basic means of what the song is dealt with are described , On the question that the emotion displays while singing in vocal music from excavate lyrics meaning , hold basic emotion and fine and smooth to display emotion change 3 is it expound the fact to go on accurately deeply, in order to reach better singing result.

Key words: Vocal music    Sing    The analysis of the works
The song is dealt with   The emotion behaves

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