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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

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The Zhejiang zheng faction is in a Chinese zheng art important school, it makes a general reference in the history to have the Zhejiang characteristic zheng skill. It take “the stringed musical instruments 13 sets” and “the Chiangnan string and woodwind instruments”, “the Hangzhou beach” as the source, its program board number broke through the general traditional 68 board systems, the music from sole happy has also thought develops the complex music structure. In the performance style, the general rhythm quite is all sprightly, smooth beautiful. At the same time, because also the theme content which the Zhejiang zheng happy displays is widespread, the technique is rich, thus in expression means and theme bountiful. This article discusses the origin, the representative personage which the Zhejiang zheng sends and represents the program, studies the unique style which the Zhejiang zheng sends to have and is different with other zhengs to send the fingering the unique utilization, elaborated the Zhejiang zheng tune connotation and Zhejiang zheng tune representative bends everywhere in spreads the really broad reason. Gives the accurate localization through above research to the Zhejiang zheng tune in the national zheng art status and the influence.
Key words: zhejiang zheng music; Zhejiang zheng Arts; Development; Performance techniques; Style


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