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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要

21世纪是1个人才、智慧竞争创造的年代 这就要求我们必须实施以培养创新精神为核心的素质教育,大力开发学生的创造、幻想能力,全面培养学生的创新精神和幻想实践能力。音乐在人的发展和个性形成方面所表现出来的最大优势就是培养人的创新精神,成功的音乐教育就是通过音乐教育教学活动,激发学生的创新兴趣,培养学生的创新精神,发掘创新潜能。音乐等艺术学科是培养学生这些能力的有效载体,审美教育是中小学音乐教育的核心部分。它培养学生对美好音乐的热爱,帮助他们树立正确的审美观,养成健康向上的审美情趣,并能起到启迪智慧,净化心灵,陶冶情操等作用。 所以在培养学生创新的同时也必须培养学生的幻想能力。作为1名音乐教师应从自身的学科特点出发,运用各种途径,实施幻想、创新教育。

关键词: 想象  兴趣  审美情趣   创新能力


   It is one talent, intelligence time that competition set that require us to implement the quality-oriented education with training the initiative spirit at the core at once 21st century, develop students creation , illusion ability in a more cost-effective manner, train students initiative spirit and illusion to practise ability in an all-round way. The biggest advantage that the music shows in view of peoples development and taking shape in individual character is the initiative spirit of training people, the activity that successful music education teaches through music education, excite students innovative interest, train students initiative spirit, explore innovative latent energy. Such artistic disciplines as the music ,etc. are an effective carrier which trains the ability of students, it is a key part of music education of the middle and primary schools to educate aesthetically. It trains students love of the beautiful music, helps them to establish the correct aesthetic conceptions, form the healthy and progressive aesthetic temperament and interest, and can get up and inspire intelligence , purify soul , function of cultivating ones taste etc.. So must train students illusion ability while training students to innovate. Should proceed from ones own discipline characteristic as a music teacher, use various kinds of ways , implement illusion , innovative education.

Keyword:  Imagination  Interest  Aesthetic temperament and interest Creativity

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