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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

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The primary and junior high school music education is a kind of basic education for all-round development that faces to the student body, its purpose is not to develop a musician, but first to develop the person——a  new generation with overall development. Its aim is to make students have a certain taste of eathesis andappreciation , and make them like music, know music, enjoy music and express music.But, current music education displays various  problems, such as:The stereotyped merthods of teaching knowledge suppress the students interest in the study, and lower the distinction of students musical wense and the creative power etc. leading to a deviation. In this kind of circumstance, the author, combinign what others have researched in the field with my own views, puts forward the music education that the implements the merthod of " eathesis and enjoyment ", under the condition of regarding students as the principle, inorder to turn pure knowledge infusion and vocational trainings appreciation and the ability of cognizance and pay attention to the development of students personality developmet and creation at the time of teaching students  knowledge in the relaxed pleaing environment.This needs the teacher to more with the emotion, touch with beaury, leaving students free for their own developent and creation.
Key words: Music education; eathesis ; enjoyment

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