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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

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In the 21th century, both material and spiritual civilization are developing at full speed, peoples competance of appreciating art are higher and higher. The vocal music as an important part of art has obtained the huge development. “Three kinds of singing styles” as one kind of historical product, once was instructing the development of our countrys vocal music art, also has made tremendous contribution for it.But,now along with the unceasingly mature and  unceasingly consummates of the vocal music technology, “Three kinds of singing styles” has manifested certain of limitations gradually.The division of sings style may say to a certain extent has fettered peoples sound performance ability, form a suggestible misleading in the sound performance ability to the human , so thought someone only can sing any, simultaneously has created the misunderstanding in the teaching to the student, thought I only want to study any, any teacher only can teach any and so on, the situations which serious even create the student in the psychology to have the opposition resistance mood with teacher. Speak from the narrow view this will affect individual study possibly,speak from the main point will serious affects the vocal music teachings development. The thesis is directed against this current situation, it proposes breaking this chains of " three kinds of singing styles " in the teaching of vocal music, exploring students individual character, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and train students to form the personal and unique vocal music singing style. The “three singing style ”must be mixed together so to achieve the “sing with method but no definite one”.
    Key words: breaking; The three singing style; The teaching of vocal music

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