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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[摘  要] 1位歌唱家能够演唱民族歌曲在国内获得大奖,又能以西洋歌剧咏叹调获得国际比赛的大奖,这在国内歌唱界是不多见的,吴碧霞就是这样1位横跨两种演唱风格的歌唱家。她的成功,将中西方声乐艺术之间的隔阂打破了,以往被认为无法同时完整体现的这两者,在她的身上实现了科学的交融。

[关键词] 相通  区别  交融  兼得  世界化  可行性  

Abstract: A singer can sing national songs and obtain Grand Prix at home , can obtain Grand Prix of the international tournament with the Western opera aria , it is rare that this sings in the circle at home, Wu BiXia is such a singer who stretches over two kinds of singing styles. Her success, broke the estrangement between square vocal music art in the midwest, was thought to be unable to be at the same time intact the two that reflect in the past, have realized scientific blending on her body.
This text hopes to pass the simple research to her, see the prospect that China national vocal music goes to the world, in order to finish finding the balance that is perfecting constantly among square vocal music art in the midwest, let Wu BiXias success not stay in a persons " miracle ".

Key words: Interflow   Distinguish   Blending   And concurrently has
Cosmopilization    Feasibility

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