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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要

在经济全球化的年代, 大众文化,即1种娱乐文化、商业文化的力量正在成为新的文化因素,它随着经济全球化的潮流变成某种全球性的共同的生活方式。而大众音乐文化作为大众文化的1个重要支流,在高科技时代大众传播媒体的推波助澜下,已成为了社会高峰型和支配型的文化。中国民乐也成为1个新兴元素运用于大众音乐的各个领域。如电影、电视音乐、网络游戏背景音乐与新民乐等等。但市场经济下的艺术是1种特殊的商品,市场经济的优势促进了艺术的繁荣,而其滞后性与其缺陷,又可能使艺术蜕变为商人的低俗商品,在夹缝中求发展是1个棘手的问题。民乐在今后的发展道路中,应不断的协调和改善继承与创新的关系,创作出更多更好的作品应用于大众音乐文化市场中。


Age in economic globalization, the publics culture, namely a kind of amusement culture? The power of the business culture is becoming the new cultural factor, it becomes a certain and global and common life style along with the current of the economic globalization. But the public music culture be an important subsidiary current of the publics culture, pushing the wave to help the in the high-tech ages mass media under, had become the social high peak type and control the culture of the type. Chinese people the joy also becomes a newly arisen chemical element usage and each realm of musical the publics. Such as movie, television music, the network game background music with new people joy etc..But market economy under of art is a kind of special merchandise, the advantage of the market economy to the economic support that the artist brings to be engaged in the reproduction, promoted art prosper, but it  is behind sex with its blemish, may make the artist transmute into the businessman to employ again, beg the development in clip sew is a tough problem. The race instrumental music is in the development road of the aftertime, should the continuous coordination and improvements inherit with the creative relation, and the thorough understanding definitely reaches agreement the market economy cultural market in the people enjoys some problem of the creations.
Keywords:The peoples joy; The publics music; The publics culture; Market

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