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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

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Zheng owns a history of over two thousamd five hundred years in China. During such long period, the culture of Zheng has widely spreaded over China.In the process of the combination of the ancient Zheng music and every local conditions, language, nature, social convention and other folk music, the cultural features of regionalism have come into being quietly and become stronger day by day, until finally opened up an encouraging prospect that Chinese Zheng music is diversified in style and competes with each other. Zheng music is diversified in style and competes with each other. Zheng has rich artistic expression, and each artistic expression is completed by various basic techniques and their combination and application. Every school has its different artistic expression, which eventually various styles of music and distinctive artistic conception within the performance of Zheng. The key of this thesis is to create artistic conception with the characteristics of Zheng school. Artistic conception is a very abstract definition. This thesis analyses the special performance of “fight against Hurricance”and “lotus out of mud ”, then describes that different features create different artistic conception, and in the end discusses how to create the artistic conception and its importance.
Key words: performance of Zheng; artistic conception; creation; distinctive performance

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