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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[摘  要] 声乐是1门综合艺术,是通过人的思想感情,利用声学上的各种技能、技巧而获得的。人声的产生不仅要具备生理器官的创造条件,而且要受心理机能的支配。歌唱的整个过程离不开心理感受、心理体验、心理适应、心理表现等的控制。而生理器官的外在表现,正是这些内在心理导向的艺术发挥。实践证明,只有心理调控能力好,技术掌握好,才能在歌唱中充分发挥自己的水平,可见在声乐教学中加强心理调控能力的培养至关重要。本文从几个方面探讨了在声乐教学中加强学生心理调控能力的重要性和应注意的方面及努力的方向。

[关键词]  声乐教学  心理调控能力  歌唱心理  心理教学法

Abstract: The vocal music is a comprehensive art, that acquire by various technical ability thought the affection.  The creation of persons voice not only needs to have the creation condition of the physiology organ, and to be subjected to the mental and functional domination. The whole process of sing can not get away from the mental state feeling, the mental state experience, the mental state orientation and mental state performance control of etc …But the outside performance of the physiology organ is exerted through the art of these inside and mental directions. The practice certificated that only have the good ability of mental state control and the good technique can develop the own level in the middle of sing, thus it is clear that strengthen the development of the mental state adjusting ability is very important in the vocal music teaching. This text present the importance of the students mental state adjusting ability in vocal music teaching from some aspect and some aspect should be pay attention to and the direction should be do well.

Keywords:  The vocal music teaching   Mental state adjusts the ability of control 
Sing the mental state       Mental  teaching  method

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