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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

[关键词]音乐教育   现状    贫困农村  音乐课程改革

Abstract: Music education is an important component of the quality-oriented education, is an important component of the aesthetic education too, it is extremely important to bring up perfect personality to the children. The present requisition for music education of new music course is higher and higher, but a lot of questions have appeared in actual operation, especially in the poverty-stricken area of vast countryside, students number is relatively large, is several times of the city and developed area, here should be a focal point of the basic education of the music, but limited by such factors as the idea , teachers , economic condition ,etc., causing the development between town and country extremely uneven, the music educational reforms of the rural areas are nearly still in not starting the state , this is remote from demand for quality-oriented education,  We want to call upon the society , school to care about and support music education, should especially pay attention to the music education of the relatively backward countryside, break with the conventional idea , is it make the investment , strengthen to music cultivation , Mr. of quality and improve , improve the condition for running a school to strengthen, try to improve the current situation of rural music education within shortest time , make quality-oriented education be implemented in an all-round way. We expect too rural music education can present the brand-new situation with the deepening of the course reform.

Keyword:  Music education     Current situation       Poor rural     Course of the music is reformed

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