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时间:2017-08-26 音乐学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要



    Every pedagogical activity has a specific function. Function is the anticipated target and the symbol of the pedagogical activity that has been carried out effectively. And the education function of Dance is the effect of education activities carried out on the educatees through the educational media of dance art. In fact, the accord of esthetic and non-esthetic had decided that the artistic education function has the aspects such as: esthetic function and the non-esthetic function. And the non-esthetic function refers to each kind of utilitarian function except for esthetic function, which manifests in the understanding, training, propaganda education, promoting the friendship, strengthening the health and so on. All these has manifested in the Dance Rehearsal of The passing away flower turban”very well. In August of 2004, the first Campus Dance Competition called “The Red Dance Shoe Cup”, which sponsored by the CINESE NATION CULTURE PROMOTION SOCIETY, was held in Beijing. With the support of leaders in our department the modern dance “The passing away flower turban” created by Wang Weinan and teacher Huang Ping was very successful in this competition and got the first prize. Later it was shown in “Dance World” of CCTV 3 and was praised by most people. I attended this competition fortunately, and spent almost the whole summer vacation in rehearsal, stroking, climbing, rolling and beating, revising repeatedly and striving for perfection. It was really hard work! While actually also had the very big promotion in many aspects. According to my own experience, the non- esthetic function of Dance Rehearsal is discussed in this article.     Key words: Dance Rehearsal; Feeling; Non-esthetic Function

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